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The 117th session of the Canton Fair a successful conclusion

Form:chuangke Date:2015-5-8 12:10:41 Author:admin View:4279

The 117th session of the Canton Fair Electronic Show in 2015 April 15-20 held in Guangzhou Pazhou complex. Dongguan City a new energy Co., Ltd., as a pioneer of electronic energy-saving products, in the exhibition, exhibited my company"s main products: solar lights, solar panels, solar energy systems, and my company"s new products portable solar energy lamp (SWL0105 、SWL0220). These two overcome the market similar products anti falls ability, is not easy to carry, camping can"t give cell phone charger and other factors, is widely used in home lighting, camping, Mongolia package, tents, drivers and other outdoor and indoor night lighting etc.. In the exhibition, sales personnel at the scene to show different each light beautiful, foreign customers and domestic customers for the exhibition of the masses of praise and recognition.