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[Q:] What is a solar panel
A: The solar panel cells, components, frame, tempered glass, packaging materials and junction box, you can use the sun to generate electricity in a board.

[Q:] What is a solar cell (film)
[A:] solar cells (piece) is to use sunlight directly to electricity generation optoelectronic semiconductor wafer.

[Q:] What types of solar panels and
[A:] currently a common the solar Banzhu have monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous three kinds of materials. Among them, the single crystal the best efficiency is high, prices are high; polycrystalline low efficiency of 2%, almost the price of these two life more than 25 years; amorphous low efficiency, short life, but the price is cheap. From a cost point of view, or single crystal of the highest.

[Q:] standard test conditions of the solar panels
[A:] the power of solar panels in standard conditions: temperature 25 degrees, AM1.5, the 1000W/M2 test. General use WP (peak watts) that can also use W (watts). Power in the standard test known as the nominal power.

[Q:] solar panels, how does it work?
A: The solar panels in the light of a certain intensity can produce current, connected appliances can be used. The premise that the current generated by the unit of time is greater than the electrical consumption. In practical applications, this direct use is relatively small. Are generally used by the entire system.