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[Q:] solar power system advantages
[A:] the solar power industry, the origin of solar panels (1) government policies, energy saving and carbon reduction: solar power (1). Taiwan"s annual per capita carbon emissions of 12 tons, three times the world average, while which the thermal power of the total generating capacity of 79%, is the large amount of CO2 emissions from sources of pollution. Solar power (2) the government hopes to replace part of renewable energy to thermal energy, in order to reduce

[Q:] How long is life solar power system?
[A:] solar power system, the life of the solar panels is more than 20 years, the shortest battery life, generally three years.

[Q:] solar power system size to choose?
[A:] solar power, the cost is still high, so the economy must be considered. Generally can provide you with the data and requirements, we will recommend the most economical and reasonable configuration to you, never let you spend a penny.

[Q:] solar power applicable regional and applicable crowd?
[A:] solar power system is the most practical power shortage of electricity areas, such as mountains, forests, etc., household electricity, the other field workers, such as beekeeping, hunting, mountains, kinds of orchard, vegetable plot, poor these places set up wires, small solar power system is the most convenient.

[Q:] the scope of application of solar power what?
[A:] solar power system can be used in solar home power systems, lighting systems, solar street lights, solar lights, solar traffic signs, solar electric cars, solar water pumps, etc.

[Q:] The size of the solar power system should be how much?
A: The solar power systems vary in size as large as several megawatts of power stations, as small as a few watts of lighting systems can be combined.

The [Q:] solar system"s generating capacity is how much?
[A:] is related to the actual generating capacity of solar power systems with a number of factors, generally not be considered in isolation daily generating capacity, but to take the annual average.

[Q:] the best power generation efficiency of the solar system is about how much?
[A:] According to the information at home and abroad, the power generation efficiency of the solar power system (grid) basically in about 70%. That is 1000W system in good light, reasonable design, installation and accessories reliable quality, the unit of time can generate 700W.

[Q:] What is a solar power system?
[A:] solar power system solar panels, controllers, batteries, inverter consisting of a complete power generation and distribution system. Because the generated power solar panels are DC (12V/24V, etc.), only during the day and sunny plus solar panels to generate electricity, so they need batteries to store electricity. Order to protect the batteries and appliances, you need the controller to monitor the status of the charging and discharging.

[Q:] the orientation of the solar power system and install inclination?
[A:] solar power system installation general super to south (solar phalanx vertical and just south of the angle is 0), generating the largest. The inclination angle is the angle of the square plane and the horizontal ground, generally take the local latitude +10 degrees

[Q:] What is the relationship between duration of sunshine and the effective duration of bright sunshine?

[A:] Someone asked here the sun is from 7:00 to 6:00, how the power generation then point it? Here is the bright sunshine duration and effective duration of bright sunshine, morning and evening sunlight intensity is not enough, the power generation is small, which can be ignored. In addition, the system design is based on annual data, can not be refined to a day. General information on the effective average annual effective date (day)

[Q:] The generating capacity of solar power systems and what factors?

[A:] solar power system generating capacity of the addition and efficiency-related, the other key point is that the sunshine situation. The longer the duration of bright sunshine, the more power generation. Generating capacity and sunlight intensity is a curve of the process, sooner or later, less, more than noon; summer, winter and less.

[Q:] What are the influencing factors the efficiency of the solar power system?

[A:] solar power system power generation efficiency impact of many factors: the efficiency of the various components of the system, weather conditions, system orientation, system installation inclination. Any point of generation capacity there is a great difference.